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Got Character? Animating Characters Character Animator/After Effects

Adobe Character Animator is a fun way to quickly create animated characters right within the Adobe suite of tools.

With the last update in the late fall, Adobe added three new puppets to Adobe Character Animator.

Ninja has head and body turns, subtle eyelids, and draggable limbs with punch and kick replays. Proteus is a monochromic character with a bunch of customizable hairstyles, eyes, glasses, and more. And Thorne the Troll has draggable arms and foreground & background elements. This video walks through some of the unique features of each character. As usual, you’re free to use, edit, record, or stream with these puppets however you want – no credit needed.

You can download the four puppets here.

Complete Animation Workflow (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)

Dave Werner gives you a good once over the workflow for Adobe Character animator. He takes you through recording and editing the audio in Adobe Audition. Then, he shows you how to build your character in Photoshop. After that, he explains how to rig and animate him in Character Animator. Finally, he shows you how to composite everything together in After Effects.

Here are his Links:

Now, they have updates to Adobe Creative Cloud CC and Adobe After Effects four times per year, so I am expecting to see some cool new features in April at NAB Show.

Animating Characters in After Effects

Pierre Minoux has an IK preset character rig for After Effects. In the video, Pierre explains how to install and use the preset.  Via Lester Banks

Download the IK Preset

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