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Ouroboros 2  is an After Effects script developed by Sander van Dijk and Remco Janssen and allows users to create multiple strokes on one path in After Effects.

Ouroboros 2 Quick Overview


  • Create centered Line, Square, Circle, and Triangle
  • Create multiple strokes on one single path
  • Color multiple strokes with one color control
  • Set random Stroke Width for each stroke
  • Maintain Stoke Width when original path scales
  • Set random Opacity for each stroke
  • Trim each stroke individually
  • Set a random length and offset on the path
  • Trim all the strokes using the original stroke
  • Link the Start and End to the original stroke
  • Delay the animation of each stroke over time
  • Randomize the time of delayed animations
  • Add a continuous speed to the strokes
  • Add random speed to each stroke
  • Keyframe the speed of all the strokes
  • Add Dots on the start and end of each line
  • Change the stroke direction
  • Change cap and join of all strokes
  • Change the random seed

Get Ouroboros 2

You can download it for free, or name your own price and send Sander and Remco a donation for their work!

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Via Lester Banks

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