After Effects Preset Tutorial

Get on the Grid in After Effects: Freebies and Tutorials

Here are a couple of useful grid tools for After Effects that will help you plot your next curve or make a cool 80’s throwback. Grids are probably not something you need to make every day but it’s nice to have some options when you do!

UI Grids: Free AE Grid Generator Preset

In the video below, Joren at The Pixel Lab shows UI Grids, a free vector based grid generator from Darkpulse Motion Design. This preset includes a lot of options for various styles of grids. It’s vector based, meaning that you can scale it to oblivion!

Here’s the description on Darkpulse Motion Design’s site:

A great and free pseudo plugin (Custom preset) for After Effects. It allows (users) to create and animate advanced grids or basic shape patterns for your sci-fi composition. It’s vector based, so you can scale it as you need. Simple to install and use, this cool preset will help you when you need to generate different shaped pattern for your scene, directly in After Effects.

Download UI Grids

Check out more free presets at AE Freemart.

Automatic grid layouts in After Effects

Download a free After Effects project by Chris Zwar to automatically arrange images in a grid. The article explains how to use the free project file. It explains some of the expressions used as well.

A little backstory, Chris had created a grid project in 2005 and it was very popular. This is an update and it will hopefully be useful to a whole new audience!

Go to Automatic Grid Layouts

Advanced Sci-Fi Grid HUD Tutorial

Voxyde uses After Effects CS5 in this tutorial to create some fun grids for your remake of TRON!

Schematic Grids in Digieffects Tweak

Generate grids that can be subdivided, have broken lines and have objects placed on their intersections. Adjust advanced controls to customize the grid.

Stylize your next project with this set of unique effects including Hyper Harmonizer, Newsprint, Crazy Stripes, Crystallizer, Visual Harmonizer, VanGoughist, Stargate, Nexus, Schematic Grids, and Perspectron.

Get Digieffects Tweak

The Grid Title Tutorial from Video Copilot

Here’s an oldie but goodie from Andrew Kramer and the gang at Video Copilot. This one goes through the process of making a techy looking grid title animation inside of After Effects.

Andrew uses multiple instances of After Effects Advanced Lightning effect combined with other effects such as Find Edges, Tint, Curves, and Glow. Along with the usual Cameras, 3D Layers, Adjustment Layers, some color correction, he creates a pretty badass title effect!

Download the project files from Video Copilot