After Effects

Free and Updated: Prolost EDC 2.0 for After Effects

Download 38 Free Utility Presets for After Effects called Prolost EDC, mainly featuring timesaving shortcuts for monotonous tasks. Stu Maschwitz, the developer, gives a scenario on how it is used. “For example, usually when I apply the Shift Channels effect, it’s to do something simple, like move the alpha channel into RGB, or copy the red channel to all three RGB channels. But these simple things actually require quite a few clicks of fussy little menus. With Prolost EDC installed, typing “Shift Channels” into the search field in the Effects and Presets panel” and this brings up a list that is the utility can be applied in just one click.

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Prolost EDC is a free download, with no strings attached, but if you find it worthy, you can give some money through the link above.

You may recognize Stu’s name. He is the creative mind who developed Magic Bullet Suite with Red Giant Software. He is also the author of the DV Rebels Guide. Here’s more from Stu from over the years.