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Free eBook: “Motion Graphics in After Effects that Speaks to Your Brain”

Mamoworld has a free eBook, Motion Graphics in After Effects that Speaks to Your Brain, that you can either download or get it on Apple Books.

The author, Mathias Möhl, explains:

So, you’ve started playing around with After Effects, maybe watched some YouTube tutorials, and wondering what the next step is? Or perhaps you already know After Effects pretty well, but still feel there’s a gap between you and a ‘real’ motion graphics professional? Well, there is a difference between knowing how to use the software and creating good motion graphics. For the latter, you need to know not just which buttons to click, but also a great deal about design, workflow, and even how your audience’s brain works.

This book is here to bridge the gap between what you can figure out with learning by doing and what you need to know to become a professional motion graphics artist.

Get Motion Graphics in After Effects that Speaks to Your Brain

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