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fayteq Updates fayIN Tracking Plug-in for AE

Simple screen replacements and retouching operations. Camera tracking and digital content integration combined. Easy-to-use workflow inside After Effects!

fayIN reduces your production costs through high-quality tracking results and a new and fast tracking and content-integration workflow.

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More In-Depth details on this update can be found at the Toolfarm Blog

New in fayteq fayIN Version 2.3:

  • Besides smaller adjustments like new buttons, progress bars and bug fixes, there are the new features:
  • You can now decide between two user modes, an enhanced “Beginner Mode” that leads you through every work step and an “Expert Mode” that simply leaves you alone.
  • Text layer sub-compositions can now be easily created through the context menu(s).
  • fayteq has optimized the compatibility with Adobe Premiere allowing to create After Effects compositions for portions of Premier footage.
  • There’s an enhanced support for timing properties of layers now supporting user-defined in- and out-points, layer offsets and individual composition start frames.
  • Now the insert effect is highlighted after a new tracker has been started.


fayteq fayin after effects integration

Full Integration in Adobe After Effects

fayIN is deeply integrated in the Adobe After Effects software environment. That means that you can use fayIN all in the software that you are already familiar with.

The resulting benefits:

  • no switching between different software environments
  • no import or export of data or video material necessary
  • use all features of Adobe After Effects and fayIN in one software environment
  • work in Adobe After Effects while tracking with fayIN
  • apply any Adobe After Effects effects on the elements you inserted with fayIN

fayteq fayin tracking report

Tracking Report

fayIN comes with an awesome little helper: the tracking report (A). The tracking report gives you information on the tracking results in respect of:

  • depth
  • orientation of x-axis and y-axis
  • orientation of z-axis

The report tells you whether these aspects are:

  • “o.k.” (everything went well)
  • “not relevant” (no need to care about this topic)
  • “please check” (advice to check the respective aspect, e. g. orientation of z-axis)

Open the report window to find more detailed information and hints to help you with optimizing your track (B). The report includes some information on the analysis of field of view, motion and distortion, too. This enables you to get the best out of your video material.

More In-Depth details on this update can be found at the Toolfarm Blog