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Ebberts + Zucker EditMonkey for After Effects is Now Available

EditMonkey is a multi-comp animator that creates complex multi-layered edits in seconds. Works with video, graphics or use the built-in text generator. The After Effects Killer Ape!

EditMonkey – Special Introductory Price Only $71.99

EditMonkey is the latest release from Ebberts + Zucker.  It harnesses the power of After Effects to generate and sequence complex multi-page animations quickly and easily. Our latest tool is capable of creating dozens of animations with a single click, perfect for a wide range of projects that require transitions from one graphic to the next. But it is flexible enough to create simple animations as well. This Monkey is our most versatile product to date, making it an invaluable part of your everyday toolkit.

MSRP: $119.99  SALE: $71.99

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Sale ends April 16, 2018.