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Digital Anarchy Transcriptive is Now Available

What is Transcriptive?

Transcriptive 1.0 is the new way of automatically transcribing your video within Premiere Pro! It’s a Premiere panel that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to turn all the speech in your video into text. You can use this for transcriptions, captions, subtitles and for searching your video. It’s never been easier to find where something was spoken in your hours of footage.

Transcribe your video work with the Transcriptive plug-in; the AI and machine learning powered transcription software with a 95% accuracy rate! With precise results and two different Speech Services at your disposal you can get the fastest transcription for your project at the lowest cost.


  • digital anarchy transcriptive ui panelAccurate – Cuts out the time of transcript edits by giving you up to 95% accuracy on your project’s audio. You can use either of two AI Speech Services, Watson or Speechmatics. Speechmatics is more accurate, up to 95%, but Watson gives you 16 hours of transcription free per month. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.
  • Premiere Pro Integration- As a Premiere Pro panel there’s no need to switch between applications. Be able to monitor your timeline and video while you transcribe. Click on a word in Transcriptive and jump to where it’s spoken on the timeline.
  • Search – Easily search for words or phrases. All the speech in your video is turned into text, allowing you to find anything that was spoken.
  • Built-In Text Editor – Making quick changes to your transcript is simple with our editor and it’s built in keyboard short cuts. While Transcriptive does a great job of identifying spoken word and proper grammar, any changes that need to be made can be made at the stroke of a key.
  • Versatility – Allows you to export captions out to .SRT, .VLT, .STL and text file documents for easy social media and SEO management uploading. Also includes options to export script as Clip and Sequence Markers directly in Premiere so you can make your script easily searchable!

Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 and higher.

Special Introductory Price $249 (Reg: $299)

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Intro pricing food through September 30, 2017