Corkscrew Fade by John Dickinson

Corkscrew FadeThis is one of the presets that was posted as a Freeie of the Week at Toolfarm. Those Freebies are now unavailable, so I’m making them available again at the AE Freemart.

John Dickinson created this simple, versatile and useful text effect: a dynamic ProAnimator Object Animation where letters rotate as they fly on screen creating a corkscrew-like shape, then randomly fade out. Click to view sample movie.

You will need Zaxwerks ProAnimator to use and run the project. Get a free demo of Zaxwerks ProAnimator!

John Dickinson is a Toolfarm Forum Expert and motion graphic artist, working for Foxtel Design in Sydney, Australia. You probably recognize his name from the AWESOME training series, Creative Background Design in After Effects.

Download the project file (AE 7)