After Effects Tutorial

Compositing a green screen actor in a 2.5D world with stock elements, sfx and 3D text

Digital Juice tutorial.

From Digital Juice:

“Intermediate After Effects Training Using Motion Designer’s Toolkit 4, Compositor’s Toolkit & Digital Juice Sound FX Description: In this tutorial, Jon Walker shows you how to add a creative twist to any green screen footage using After Effects and a variety of elements from three different Digital Juice libraries. In this first part, he details how to set up the scene with your footage, how to add the animated MDT filigree elements and how to treat your text elements so you get a proper 3D look. In this second part, he adds animation to the text, camera moves for the scene as a whole, and special effects from the CTK library to make the animated text more realistic. He also completes the realism of the segment with sound effects form the DJ Sound FX Library.”

Although this 2-part tutorial uses stock elements from Digital Juice’s Motion Designer kits, it’s still applicable with anything you’ve got. Nothing groundbreaking here, but there are lots of nice tips along the way.

Watch Part One

Watch Part Two

John Stanowski