Cinematic Titles in Premiere Pro & After Effects + Animated Typefaces

Cinematic Titles

Whether you’re making a music video or just want to create some snazzy titles for your video, Premiere Pro has some great tools for this task. We’ll showcase a few tutorials and plug-ins, as well as a free template, that will make your titles sing!

Cinematic Titles Tutorials

Creating Cinematic Titles In Premiere Pro & After Effects

Tom Stellar has a beginner level tutorial on creating cinematic titles. This will get you started if you’re new to the game.

Extremely Cinematic Titles! | Hollywood Techniques

Andrew James gives some Hollywood techniques on making look super sweet!

The Neon Title in Adobe After Effects

Ignace Aleya walks you through creating this cool Neon Trailer title, which creatively influenced by the Sleepless movie. Via CG Terminal

Free Title Templates for Premiere Pro

14 Free Title Templates and Opening Effects for Premiere Pro

These freebies, from Envato Elements, range the gamut from simple to complex, so you have a lot of options.

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How to Use Free Animated Text in Your Video

This article from Premium Beat focuses on animated typefaces. They have a tutorial explaining how to use them and also have a link to download a few.  Honestly, they may be a bit too busy for a cinematic title. However, it’s worth throwing it out there! If anything, they’re a lot of fun. For example, we have this one:

NEON Free Animated Text Typeface

This animated text includes 36 FREE Motion Graphic Elements (A-Z and 0-9) from Shutterstock.

Download the Neon Typeface     Premium Beat Tutorial