After Effects Tutorial

Expressions 101 : Starting From Scratch

I see people very interested in using Expressions, but they feel so intimidated by the complexity of the examples they see on places like or even my own humble site,

So, let’s start at the beginning. This not only help you, but it will help me get back to the basics, and make sure I didn’t miss anything along the way. I’ve learned this stuff by simple research, trial and error, combing tutorials, constantly bugging Dan Ebberts and many others.

To do get this rolling, I’ve started a simple expressions blog. Hey, everyone’s got a blog nowadays, now me.

Check out the blog here:

After Effects Tutorial

Creative Background Design for After Effects by John Dickinson is here!

Check out John Dickinson’s amazing first lesson in the new series Creative Background Design for After Effects: Basic Fractal Loop. This tutorial is a first taste of the powerful series and will give you a detailed introduction to the wonders of handy Fractal Noise plug-in.

The lesson contains all of the project files, including the cool text animation, a few goodies and of course the amazing video training.

Download Lesson 1 for free!

Lesson 2: Award Night is also available and it’s even better than the first.

This series is a completely new way to deliver training.

All lessons are only $5!

We’re making inexpensive, downloadable, high-quality training available to everyone, even the poor college students and the hobbyists who can’t spend a load of cash.