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Presets vs Scripts vs Plugins in After Effects

Are you confused about what the differences are between presets, scripts and plug-ins when associated with After Effects?  Well then, check out Mikey’s video that explains it all.

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“I hope this helps you out, some people use the terms script and plugin interchangeably but there are differences.” – Mikey Borup

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After Effects Featured Script

Free Function Friday getCurComp

“Welcome to Free Function Friday episode 22, getCurComp. The function this week is very simple and short. It just condenses a few lines into a single function for convenience. When trying to check for the currently open comp in a project it can be simply called by typing app.project.activeItem;. This would return the actively selected item in the project or the currently open composition depending on which panel is active. We will be adding an if statement to check and make sure it returns only compItems, or null so we can verify the results. This will prevent any other item in the project, like a FolderItem or FootageItem from being returned by mistake.” – David Torno | Pro Video Coalition

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After Effects Script

Free Script: Dojo Task List Script Demo Tutorial

Creative Dojo posted a super useful organization script a couple of weeks ago for After Effects. “Dojo Task List is a free script under the ‘Name Your Own Price’ platform. If you find the script useful, feel free to donate whatever amount you’d like.” Creative Dojo is always posting great stuff so please support them!

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