After Effects Preset

Two Free Isometric Cube Presets for AE + Some Inspiration

1. Shinsuke Matsumoto has a free cube preset for AE and it’s lots of fun. It’s all done with After Effects shape layers. I’m sure a person could find many uses for it.

Free Isometric Cube Preset

Download the Isometric Cube Preset for AE CC or AE CS5.5 and above on Shinsuke’s site, Beatgram. He also has a couple more examples of what he has done with the preset.

2. Mikey of After Effects Tutorials w/ Mikey also has an ISO CUBE preset. Download it here.

Here’s what he did with it.

Isometric Cubes are just a simple piece of geometry but look at what you can do with them!

Savage Factory by Something Savage

There is a tutorial, Create a 3D isometric effect, that explains the project at

Barbican: Microcosm Of London by Persistent Peril

They used Adobe After Effects, CINEMA 4D and Flash in this project.

After Effects FCP X Premiere Pro Preset

Freebie: 64 FREE Magic Bullet Looks Presets from Ed Editz!

Free MB Looks Presets!

Visit After Effects Tutorials to download this great freebie!

Installation instructions:

Unzip the ZIP file and copy and paste the presets folder into:

  • On Windows: C: > Program Files (x86) > LooksBuilder > Looks
  • On Mac: Macintosh HD > Application Support > LooksBuilder > Looks

Download a free demo of Magic Bullet Looks to give it a try. Magic Bullet Looks, as well as the free presets, works in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, Sony Vegas Pro, and Avid Media Composer.

Also if you missed this today:

Premiere Pro Preset

Free: Style4Type Templates and Typestyles for Adobe Premiere Pro

Tim Kolb has created text and templates for Premiere’s Titler feature. He has a full set of over 250 styles in 8 libraries with 150 templates that he’s selling for just $19.95, but you can download the base 45 styles for free from Walter Biscardi’s website. Thanks Tim and Walter! Really nice stuff.

Don’t have Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Adobe Creative Cloud? Get them at Toolfarm! Toolfarm also still carries Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

After Effects Photoshop Plug-ins Premiere Pro Preset Tutorial

5 Tutorials to Give the 8-bit Look of Old Video Games @adobeae #8-bit

8-bit Forever!

Have fun Here are several tutorials that give After Effects users that chunky, retro, 8-bit, posterized look, with or without plug-ins. Plus some 8-bit inspiration.

The first tutorial from Charles Yeager caught my eye today and then I thought, well why not expand on the  8-bit theme and give you all something really good today! Combine several of the techniques explained here and have one amazing 8-bit Nintendo-style animation!

1. Quick Tip: Create an 8-bit Style in After Effects

This will get you started with the basics. AE Tuts+ and Charles Yeager bring you a two minute After Effects tutorial on creating the 8-bit look using Posterize, Mosaic, and Hue/Saturation. He shows how to save this as a preset to speed up your workflow.

2. Digieffects Damage | Artifact – 8 Bit Gaming Tutorial

This tutorial has disappeared from the interwebs but I’m leaving it in just in case it comes back. Apparently, something on the internet IS NOT there forever! 😉

Here’s an older tutorial by Brandon Smith and Digieffects, which he creates with Digieffects Damage. Create 8-bit style video with Damage’s Artifact plug-in in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro 6/7, and Final Cut Pro X. Download a free demo of Damage.

3. After Effects Tutorial: Retro 8-Bit Video Game Title Screen

This one comes from Thinkmojo and is a bit more involved than the previous two. He goes over how to create a reflection, how to use the loopOut() expression to cycle the animation, and also how to create that 8-bit look with Mosaic and Posterize in After Effects.

4. How to Animate Retro Pixel Art in After Effects, 8-bit Style

This one comes from Nick Morris at AE Tuts+. He explains the workflow for taking pixel art from ASEprite into Photoshop and then finally into an HD comp in After Effects.

5. Creating 8-Bit Animation

This is an interesting tutorial because the artist is singing while he works! He starts off by making a character with a unibrow in Photoshop and then takes it into After Effects to create the lipsync. He does this manually but I would suggest using a plug-in called MamoWorld Auto Lip-Sync, which allows you to create a mouth that automatically animates according to your voice recording.

Inspiration: 8 Bit Cinema: The Big Lebowski and Pulp Fiction

Inspiration: Retro 8 bit Video Game Title Screen