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Red Giant Complete Now Available + Special Upgrade Pricing

Red Giant Complete gives you the complete set of tools from Red Giant at an affordable price. With an annual subscription to Red Giant Complete you’ll have access to all of our most up-to-date tools while saving thousands of dollars over traditional perpetual licensing.

Red Giant Complete includes:

Trapcode Suite (reg. $999): The industry’s most essential tools for creating 3D motion graphics and visual effects in Adobe® After Effects®, now with the Dynamic Fluids™ physics engine.

Magic Bullet Suite (reg. $899): Widely-used for color correction, finishing and film looks, Magic Bullet Suite 13 gives editors and filmmakers everything needed to make footage look great, right on editing timelines.

Universe (reg. $199/year): Red Giant’s collection of over 80 GPU-accelerated plugins for editors and motion graphics artists.

VFX Suite (reg. $999): The all-new suite of keying, tracking, cleanup and visual effects compositing tools, all right inside Adobe After Effects.

Shooter Suite (reg. $399): Shooter Suite 13.0 is a set of purpose-built applications, including the industry-leading PluralEyes, that give directors of photography, videographers, shooters and filmmakers the ability to bring footage from set to post.

Total if purchased separately: $3,495

Red Giant Complete: $599/YEAR

Upgrade Now for 50% Off Red Giant Complete – Limited Time Only

For those with current Red Giant licenses for any product suite, or an active subscription to Universe, Red Giant is offering a special upgrade to Red Giant Complete for just $299 – that’s 50% off the first year of Red Giant Complete*.

Students and teachers who own any Red Giant Suite or have an active subscription to Universe, Red Giant is offering a special upgrade to Red Giant Complete for just $149.

Upgrade Offer Ends February 2, 2020

* The offer of 50% off Red Giant Complete for individuals, students and teachers is valid for only the first year of an annual subscription.

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Premiere Pro Preset

Premiere Pro Free Presets Roundup

We’ve been rounding up some useful and fun Premiere Pro free presets from around the Internets, from VashiVisuals, Premium Beat, Motion Array, and more!

Featured image credit: Simone Mascellari @mefisto97

VashiZoom – Premiere Pro Preset Effects

CREEP / PUSH-IN / SLOW ZOOM… This preset is for the slow push-in that you see in films, achieved with a zoom lens or dolly in-camera. This package contains 10 preset zooms, 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 (each number representing the % of scale), and each with regular and smooth options.

Download VashiZoom

VHS Look Tutorial with Free Presets from Premium Beat

Get the look of an old VHS tape in Premiere Pro. This is homebrew using Lumetri Color, Channel Blur, Noise & Grain, and more.

Plus, download free presets! These can be used in any personal or commercial project.

Download the presets, View Tutorial


Camera Shake Presets for After Effects and Premiere Pro

Add authentic and realistic camera shake to your motion graphics and video. Premium Beat is giving away 15 FREE presets for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro in 4K and HD. These include 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and Zoom camera presets.

Download the presets, View Tutorial

Motion Array Glitches – Premiere Pro Free Presets

Five free glitch presets for Premiere Pro! And noise and interference to titles, transitions, and more.

Download Glitch Presets

Video Transition – Premiere Pro Free Presets

Envato has 10 free PPRO Transition presets. Scroll down the page to the section titled “Free Transitions for Premiere Pro” about 3/4 down the page. They list freebies like the Orange83 Smooth Transition Pack and the Motion Array 50 Transition Pack.

Download the freebies

After Effects Premiere Pro Tutorial

Working with Reflections and Shadows in Mocha Pro

Today we’re featuring tutorials that allow you to work with reflections and shadows a bit easier in Mocha Pro.

Mocha Tips: Avoid Reflections & Shadows

Mary Poplin has tips for, first, avoiding reflections and shadows. Then, she has tips for tracking screens and glass and reflective objects like cars. She also covers avoiding shadows on ground planes.

Remove Reflections in Premiere Pro with Mocha Pro

Remove reflections of crew and equipment or other unwanted objects that are reflected in the glass. Mary Poplin walks you through using the remove module to take care of this problem.

Other Mocha Pro Tutorials at AE Freemart

hyperzoom™The HyperZoom™ Technique Takes Flight with Mocha Pro & After Effects – Geoff Tompkinson has created HyperZoom™, a technique that combines real-time, time-lapse, and hyper-lapse into one seamless, continuous shot. Find out how he uses Mocha Pro and AE to help create these amazing virtual timelapse flights.

Watch Hyperzoom in action with Upper Austria “An Incredible Journey,” that Tompkinson made for the Austrian Board of Tourism.

Boris FX Mocha Pro 2019

The new Mocha Pro combines the features of Mocha Pro and the Lumiere award-winning Mocha VR into one all-encompassing plug-in. Plus, they’ve added lots of new features like GPU-accelerated object removal, new spline creation tools, a mocha essentials workspace and more.

mocha 2019

Mocha Pro 2019 Highlights

Mocha Essentials Workspace: Simplifies the power of Mocha with an updated interface. For that reason, planar tracking easier to learn and faster than ever before.

GPU-Accelerated Object Removal: Delivers dramatic 4-5x times faster rendering for removing elements and clean plating.

Spline Creation Tools: Adds magnetic spline with edge snapping, freehand spline tool, ellipse, and rectangle tools. As a result, accelerated masking and rotoscoping in Mocha Pro!

Retina/High DPI monitor resolution support

2 Products, 1 Price: In addition, Mocha Pro and Mocha VR features are now combined into one all-encompassing plug-in!

Now, Mocha Pro is now officially part of the Boris FX U&S (Upgrade & Support) plan and moving to a yearly release cycle.

Learn more | Get Mocha

Premiere Pro Tutorial

The Pancake Timeline Technique in Premiere Pro

Whether you’ve been editing for 20 years or you’re new to the game, there’s always a beautiful nugget of information that you can learn to make your editing life better. Today we’re talking about the Pancake Timeline Technique, a method of stacking timelines that will streamline your workflow in Premiere Pro and make your project go overall more smoothly.

The Pancake Timeline

This is a method of editing that will help you work with multiple timelines. He goes pretty fast but has lots of great tips. There’s A LOT of information here, I’ll warn you. If you want to read the content, check out this blog post at No Film School.

Pancaking Timelines in Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Gal is also a fan of The Pancake Timeline technique. Her reasons for pancaking include:

  • Better visual overview of your project.
  • Not to mention, you’ll improve time management.
  • No need to toggle between sequences to copy and paste.
  • In addition, it’s easier to puzzle out selects.

Read her full article Pancaking Timelines in Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Properly Pancake Timelines in Adobe Premiere Pro

Premium Beat has also recently covered Pancaking on their site: How to Properly Pancake Timelines in Adobe Premiere Pro

This Technique will CHANGE the way you EDIT! (How to use Pancake Timelines) (Premiere Pro CC 2017)

Justin Odisho also talks about this stacked workflow.

As you can see, a lot of editors are using this technique. Are you? If not, recommend that you try it out!

Older but still worthwhile content about The Pancake Timeline

Perfecting the Film Post Production Workflow from Vashi Visuals. This article is 5 years old but is just as relevant today as it was then. It’s full of great tips, and he uses the Pancake Timeline too!

Freebie: The Pancake Timeline Workspace for Premiere Pro CC and CS6

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