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Three New Plugged-In Podcasts available, recorded live at NAB!

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Keith and Alan recorded the podcast live at NAB…. and it’s a HUGE Triliogy of HOT shows!

Podcast 2 recorded at the Toolfarm Party on Sunday night at the MGM Grand

Exclusive interviews with the tops in the industry including Paul Babb, President of Maxon (Cinema 4D), Zax Dow of Zaxwerks, Christoph Vonhreim of CHV-Electronics, Debbie Rich of Digital Anarchy, John Dickinson of Motionworks, Niclas Bahn of Noise Industries, and Jason Sharp, President of Toolfarm.

Podcast 3: Live Interviews at the IMUG Media Motion Ball

Interviews Chris & Trish Meyer, Rob Birnholtz from Absolute Motion Graphics, Wes Plate of Automatic Duck, Frank Capria of Xprove, Brian Maffitt of Total Training.

Podcast 4: Interviews from The Promax Digital Cafe at the Empire Ball Room

Exclusive interviews with Carey Dissmore of IMUG, Phil Hodgetts of the Digital Production Buzz Podcast, Barbara Dehart of Telestream, Jason Levine Sr. Worldwide Evangelist of Adobe Systems or something like that… a really long title, and Dan Hatch of ProMax.

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After Effects CINEMA 4D

After Effects New York User Group’s First meeting Feb 22

Adobe After Effects New York (AENY) first meeting is set for February 22. There is no fee for this event, thanks to sponsorship from Adobe and Pratt Manhattan. They are covering Maxon Cinema 4D 10 and After Effects Integration, as well as Mograph, Stephen Neary will present "Bigfoot’s Eulogy" and Aharon Rabinowitz will be presenting some quick After Effects tips. I met Aharon at NAB NY.

They’re giving away LOADS of door prizes including Red Giant Software: Magic Bullet Suite, MB Colorista and Trapcode Suite (all Trapcode Plug-ins), three Wondertouch particleIllusion licenses, GridIron Nucleo and Nucleo Pro, Cinema 4D and Mograph, Sorenson Squeeze Power Pack, Automatic Duck, Digital Anarchy PlasmaFX, Cycore FX and more. Wow…. good stuff, indeed.

CINEMA 4D Tutorial

10 STEP STAR: A simple piece of geometry

Author: Ko Maruyama
Skill Level: Easy
Application: Maxon Cinema 4D
Version: r9.6
Project Files: Download Project Files (zipped)
Plug-ins Used: None
Demo: Download Free Demo of Maxon Cinema 4D
View text tutorial


  1. Choose the front view. This will make things easy to see – later you’ll be able to do this in any viewport, but it allows you to see what’s going on.
  2. Create a STAR SPLINE object. Star spline will allow you to set up the right number of points in the right area quickly and easily.
    Click the screen grabs for larger images in a new window (pops)
  3. Set the number of points in the star to the number of points in the star you want to make. In the attributes window, set the number of points to 5. star
  4. Now that the Star Spline has been modified, make it editable by using the pulldown menu or simply use the "C" key on the keyboard to make the selected object "editable". star
  5. With the editable star object selected, open the STRUCTURE MANAGER. Select all of the points (these represent all of the points in the star (not the spikey points, the 3D vertices!) There should be 10 points (count ‘0’ as one of the points). COPY THOSE POINTS (cmd or ctrl-C). star
  6. Create a polygon object. Note: this isn’t a primitive shape, it’s just an empty polygon object.
  7. In the polygon object’s structure manager, PASTE the point data from the clipboard. star
  8. Create a new line (you’re making a new set of data for a new point). This point should have values of (0, 0, 0). The new point will be in the center of x,y,z. star
  9. With the POLYGON objet selected, and the points now pasted in the object’s structure, you’ll need to connect the points to create polygons. Note from the pulldown menu, the shortcut is to type (in rapid succession) M then E.



  10. Let’s revisit the new point that was created in the center of the structure. Change the Z value to -50. This moves all of the newly created geometry out to meet the new position of the center point. star


11-opt. If you’re going to see around to back of this model, you may want to add a symmetry object to easily recreate the geometry on the other side of this. Add the symmetry object while holding down the option key to add it as a parent to the selected object. Don’t forget to switch the mirror plane to the correct face (this one is XY)

12-opt. Add a material. There are tons of presets that you’ll find in the application. There are even more on the CD in the goodies folder. There are more yet online. Have suggestions for where to find CINEMA 4D materials? Check in at the Toolfarm Forum and let us know where your favorite material site is.

Here’s the file if you need to get there in a hurry. DOWNLOAD .C4D FILE (R 9.6) Go through the steps to figure out how to make this, and you’ll see how easy it is to make many other models using CINEMA 4D. NOTE: There is an alternate version of the model in the file using an array object. Click the READ ME objects for more information. Wanna learn more about C4D? Check out Cineversity Tutorials, now over 500 video tutorials

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Maxon Cinema 4D Christmas Ornament Tutorial by Ko Maruyama

Ko Maruyama has created some gorgeous Christmas bulbs with Maxon Cinema 4D and has a tutorial and the project files to share. This is the season of giving, after all. (I always wondered… why isn’t every season a season of giving? It should be.)

So, are you learning Cinema 4D? Maxon has a cool tutorial/training experience called Cineversity. I really recommend that you check it out!