CSTools for Maxon Cinema 4D – Free Tools from Chris Smith

chris smithChris Smith, one of the uber-talented forum experts at Toolfarm Expert Forums has released some cool freebies for Maxon Cinema 4D.

I’m releasing my 10.1 version of CSTools with some new tools and fixes and cleanup of the old ones.

Download Zip File of CSTools

New tools added for the 10.1 versions. The old tools had a good clean up with some bug fixes. SineNull was redone from scratch with way more use. Here is the TOC. The directions are in the download.

These are a set of plug-ins using Xpresso and UI objects. They were made to speed up my workflow and I use them all the time so I thought I would share.

Drop them into your MAXON/Cinema 4D/Library/Objects floder so you can have them inside the app in the “Object Library”.

Need at least C4D 10.1 / no modules needed.

Most of these have a UI cleanup from the previous versions. Others have small bug fixes. SineNull was completely redone from scratch so I consider it new.

SineNull, MoveNull, and VibrateNull I consider a family that act similar to “Behaviors” in Apple’s Motion. You can nest them inside each other for very complex animations.

Table of Contents:

  1. CS_Daylight : Light rig for instant daylight lighting or classic 3 light setup.
  2. CS_KinoSquare : Light Rig for motion graphics
  3. CS_SineNull(NEW) : Parent objects to this null. Creates cycles with noise options
  4. CS_MoveNull(NEW) : Parent objects to this for constant speed movement or rotations
  5. CS_Fog : Instant Fog/Haze with easy control
  6. CS_3DStroke : Simulation of Trapcode’s 3D Stroke but in true 3D
  7. CS_EasyCam : Camera movement system for basic film moves with path bend and vibration options
  8. CS_Flicker : For simulating candle light, plasma balls, other random light effects
  9. CS_Vibrate : A much easier version of C4D’s vibrate tag
  10. CS_Amblight(NEW) : This is to create easy “room tone” lighting from above.
  11. CS_AreaLight(NEW) : This is a regular area light but with some easy falloff, shadow, color, and size settings.
  12. CS_WalkCycle (NEW/BETA) : Creates procedural walk cycles. Only supports feet and hips for now.
  13. CS_Trackspot(NEW) : Not a useful tool really, but I built it for a project so I threw it in. It simulates an intelligent lighting unit.
After Effects CINEMA 4D Tutorial

Using Cinema 4D and BodyPaint with After Effects

Matt Armstrong has published a video tutorial at Studio Daily called Using Cinema 4D and BodyPaint with After Effects

After Effects CINEMA 4D

After Effects to Maxon Cinema 4D – Free Script

Paul Tursley of had posted his new script for tranfering from After Effects to Cinema 4D.

It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally posted an update to the AEtoC4D scripts on aenhancers. Here’s the link.

This version exports normal AE cameras, nulls to show the position of other layers, the comp frame rate, duration and start frame. It exports the position of any 2D/3D layer, so you can export things like motion track or motion sketch data too.

After Effects CINEMA 4D

Export AE Camera Data to AE

Paul Tursley posted a set of scripts over on AEnhancers that exports AE camera data to Cinema 4D. Paul ads:

This could be useful if you want to animate the camera in After Effects, but include 3D elements that were rendered out of C4D with a matching camera.

It’s only the first version so there are some limitations right now, but if there’s enough interest I’ll get onto an update the next chance I get.