Plug-in Freebies for Final Cut Studio by Idustrial Revolution and Noise Industries

Freebie Pack 1 – Four Free Filters for Final Cut Pro and Motion
Noise Industries freebie
idustrial revolution Freebies!

Brought to you by Peter Wiggins, author of the Volumetrix plug-ins for Final Cut Pro and Motion, idustrial revolution Freebie Pack 1 includes four fun, useful (and absolutely free!) plug-ins:

  • MultiSpace: Puts two inputs into true 3D space with global and independent XYZ translation & rotation. Planes can intersect too.
  • iSight Live!: Get a live input on your timeline in Motion and FCP. Very handy for picking a color off a client’s brochure.
  • Rack Focus: Racks the blur from one input to the other with one parameter. Both blur values for each input can be set independently.
  • Opposites: Two-input parameter linking: move one left, the other goes right. Rotate one clockwise, the other one goes anticlock.
After Effects FCP X

New Free Demos at Toolfarm!

We’ve added new demos to our Free Demo Downloads page.

  • Silhouette FX Roto and Paint have been updated to 2.3
  • Reflecmedia Mattenee has been updated to FxPlug for FCP
  • Digital Trove PRIME is now available for Windows

Go to the Free Demos page now!

When you fill out the form, please make sure you check the box next to the demos you would like to try.


Free Plug-in from Noise Industries

Noise IndustriesNoise Industries very first FxFactory Freebie has been released. This plug-in is free of charge for all users. Users have to install FxFactory to run it, but do not have to purchase anything.


  1. Download FxFactory
  2. Download our first first freebie a photo montage theme called Mondrianesque

More information on this free plug-in.

FxFactory is FxPlug and Mac Universal.


Convert2DV – Another Cool Free Droplet from!

There have been many people trying to import various types of video files into Final Cut Pro- H.264, MPEG1, Sorenson, AVI etc. Sometimes the clips might sputter through… but often, they’ll redline and not play at all – or even crash the program, and possibly corrupt your project file.

Another droplet to the rescue! Simply drag almost any video file readable by Quicktime onto this droplet, then have a tasty beverage or read your email, and soon, depending on the length of the video file, you will find, right on your Desktop, a native DV format file.

Import the converted file into a DV timeline and it will play perfectly, no muss, no fuss. This droplet will only work on Macs with Compressor installed.

And, thanks to Guy Cochran of DVeStore, there’s also a version to convert to 16:9 (anamorphic) format.

This droplet is available FREE only to members: Download the Convert2DV droplet

If you need to convert audio only, see their audio-only droplet.