Editing Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts: The Ultimate Layout

“Keyboard shortcuts allow the film editor to cut faster and more efficiently. By mapping the most frequently used commands to specific keystrokes…the editor can focus on the storytelling and not waste time mousing all over the screen.

Editing requires repeating actions thousands of times a day so why not make it as easy as possible for yourself? All NLEs come with built in keyboard layouts but each one is different and none of them include ALL the possible commands. Thankfully, my good friend and Emmy-winning editor Dylan Osborn has created two FREE custom Premiere Pro layouts that cover all the bases!” – Vashi Nedomansky 

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Editing Featured Misc.

Endcrawl – Scrolling End Credits for Film!

ENDCRAWL untangles your workflow. Collaborate online—post supers, editors, coordinators, producers. All with a speedy, 24/7 cloud render engine at your fingertips. But when you’re slammed in final mix and color correct, you don’t need to orchestrate 800 lines of end credits through endless email chains and next-day renders.

Get control back. Get a few days of your life back.

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Editing Misc.

Assistant Editor Song (NSFW lyrics)

Mark Adams has created this clever song about what it means to be an assistant editor.

You can buy the track for $1.

Here are the lyrics:
My employer asked me to write a song about my experience as an assistant editor on their documentary. And so I did.
I got a job in the film industry
All my friends are jealous
They say I’m living the dream
“Hey, what you do again? Tell us!”

I work all day
In a tiny darkened room
I think syncing sound
Is pretty fucking cool

I’m an A.E.
You don’t know me
I work behind the scenes
And stay outta sight
Syncing all the footage
They shot last night
I’m an A.E.

I’m the editing tech support line
You can gimme a call anytime you like
When you get an error on your screen
I say “not a problem, babe, just restart the machine”

I know that doing this job won’t make me rich
But I just love being the editor’s bitch

‘Cause I’m an A.E.
You know don’t me
Creating documents nobody sees
Updating bins and assembling scenes
I’m an A.E.

Nobody listens to me at all
And camera guys they drive me up the wall
Still life doesn’t get any better
Than being an assistant editor

An A.E.
You don’t know me
I do a lot more than sound effects
The position gets pretty complex
For an A.E.
An A.E., like

iPhone, Go-Pro
Nothing has timecode
No grade
No slate
Time we all appreciate the

You don’t know me
The director doesn’t even know my name
But I’m saving the movie all the same
I’m an A.E.
If I hear someone say, “We’ll fix it in post”
I’m gonna punch them right in their fucking nose
Let’s all put our hands together
For the motherfuckin’ assistant editors

“Hey Mark, when you’ve got some time
Can you look that shot I’m too lazy to find?”