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10 free AE 7 Pro Liquid Animations

Dean VelezDean Velez, one of the Toolfarm Expert Forums experts, has released another set of free AE projects. Dean’s stuff rocks! It’s always freakin’ amazing.

Dean sez:

“All of the liquid animations are royalty free and fully customizable, so you can use them however you like. A few of the animations are render intensive so you might want to prerender some layers.

The effects I used are:

CC Lens, CC Toner, CC Bubbles, Levels, Hue/Saturation, Fractal Noise, Ramp, CC Glass, CC Drizzle, CC Mr. Mercury, 4-Color Gradient, CC Glue Gun, Turbulent Displace, Displacement Map, Transform, Linear Wipe, Roughen Edges, Tint, Fast Blur, CC Wide Time, CC Blobbylize, CC Rain, Bevel Alpha, Drop Shadow, Simple Choker, Radio Waves, Wave Warp, CC Radial Fast Blur, Foam, Compound Blur.

Check em out!

After Effects

LED Billboard Effect

This project combines CC Ball Action, Glow and Trapcode Shine to simulate a sort of billboard effect. This is the same effect I recently used on a I on a TV promo I did.


For a demo of Trapcode Shine, download it from Toolfarm.

After Effects Preset

Letter Box cheat presets

Sure letterboxes are easy to make, but I’ve made it even easier for you. This zip file contains four letterbox settings for four different sized comps, all NTSC, so sorry, my European friends. I can do that in another post if you would like.

Drag the presets to their new homes in your AE applicaton folder, and apply to a solid that is full screen. Easy cheesy.

Download Letterbox Preset

After Effects Plug-ins

Free After Effects Plug-ins

Freemarters…. I’ve been keeping a database of plug-ins at Toolfarm, which is known as the Plug-in Finder. There is a very large section… make that the biggest resource of FREE AE plug-ins on the web.

Go to the Free After Effects Plug-ins page. Some of my faves are SuperPNG, Phillip Spoeth’s plug-ins and Sebastian Mecklenberg’s plug-ins, which you can’t get anymore unfortunately. There are lots listed here. Most are of limited use, but there are a couple of superstars here.