Premiere Pro Tutorial

How to Make a Cool Camera Rotation Effects in Premiere

Jordy Vandeput of has a couple of tutorials that show you how to create some super fun Camera Rotation Effects. These Camera Rotation Effects are well suited for music videos or tv show opens or trailers. In fact, these tutorials are inspired by just that. I love Jordy’s Copycat Friday tutorials. You should subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Rotation Reveal In Premiere Pro

This effect is seen in Maroon 5’s Girls Like You ft. Cardi B video. In it, Adam Levine has a girl dancing behind him and as the camera pans across him, the girl behind him changes to another girl. This is all done with editing tricks and is surprisingly not technical. It’s very entertaining how they go through some trial and errors.

First, watch the Maroon 5 video so that you know what we’re talking about.

Rotation Reveal In Premiere Pro

Camera Rotation Transition In Premiere Pro (Atlanta Series)

This trailer features Donald Glover standing in the center of the screen and the whole background spins 180° as he sort of falls as it spins. I love how they break down these videos. They shot the footage with a spinning motion. In addition, they used a green screen behind the actor. They have some nice tips for lighting as the scenes change. In fact, the editing process is fairly simple but there are speed effects, masks, shadows, and more.

Here’s the Atlanta Season 2 Trailer (2018).

And here is the tutorial from