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CustomEffects now work on Mac

There is new cross-platform version of the CustomEffects Installer available. Now you can easily install custom expression-based presets on both Windows and Mac. Make sure to check this new installer out, and remember to download some of the amazing CustomEffects that can be found in the tutorial articles. Best example would be all time famous 3DShapeExtruder for making any Shape Layer a 3D object.

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Inspirational piece

If you are a youngster born in the age of The Matrix, than you probably never heard of a great movie Tron. My guess is that actually you might have but you didn’t realize it. This movie is 26 years old and has amazing special effects, but the best thing is the story itself. The movie however was a disaster. In my option it was going far in the future and most people just didn’t understand it, however on an abstract level it makes perfect sense.

If you want to learn more about the movie check all the info on Wikipedia.

Anyway… My point is: if you haven’t seen it yet, than you should. If you did, maybe it’s time to watch it again? Here’s a great fan-film that inspired me to write this post. Hope you’ll enjoy it.


Heres the original movie scene.

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Hacking expressions


This is going to be very interesting if you have any programming experience. Any programming language will do: C++, PHP, Ruby, Visual Basic, Java, or even ActionScript. If you don’t, you probably already got bored.

AE Expressions are based on JavaScript, so they are not only object oriented. You can also use any JavaScritp syntax and build-in functions that are not listed anywhere in AE itself. Unfortunately some things will not work as expected, and sometimes you might even get an error message, when everything is ok. When that happens simply turn off the expression and turn it back on again, or select all, cut it out, press Enter, and then paste it again making sure that you don’t have any white spaces in the beginning or end of the expression. That helps sometimes.

My name is Jerzy Drozda Jr (aka Maltaannon) and I hate keyframes, but I do love expressions. Even though sometimes I find using them very frustrating. Theres no way to declare global variables, create your own functions, or extend the build-in functionality. But there actually is a nice way to deal with that that you might not be aware of.

Sounds interesting? Read the whole article.

After Effects Plug-ins

Keying out bad footage

How to key bad footage

Click here to watch the tutorial.

Hey! Just wanted to say hallo. My name is Jerzy Drozda Jr, but you may also know me as Maltaannon. From this day forward I’ll be also posting at AEFreemart. Today I want to present you this brand new tutorial on a subject as old as digital post-production itself. You will learn how to work with poor quality footage to pull out a decent chroma key.

Please note that this tutorial uses Key Correct Pro – a set of plugins from Red Giant Software designed to help you with your everyday chroma keying.

I’d also like to point out that our host – Michele Yamazaki – is currently working on a book that focuses on keying in detail. Make sure to have an eye out for “GreenScreen Made Easy: Keying and Compositing Techniques for Indie Filmmakers”

I hope you will enjoy the tutorial.