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Presets vs Scripts vs Plugins in After Effects

Are you confused about what the differences are between presets, scripts and plug-ins when associated with After Effects?  Well then, check out Mikey’s video that explains it all.

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“I hope this helps you out, some people use the terms script and plugin interchangeably but there are differences.” – Mikey Borup

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After Effects Plug-ins

MonkeyCam Pro for After Effects

MonkeyCam Pro is a procedural camera animator for After Effects that makes complex camera moves in 3D space a breeze.

Featuring instant set up and a breakthrough motion algorithm that eliminates Gimbal Lock, MonkeyCam Pro is the latest in a line of Monkey Tools designed to be a perfect blend of power and simplicity. Includes multiple interpolation options, motion effects and marker-based timing controls for easy adjustments and audio syncing.

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After Effects Premiere Pro

Adobe CC: Keyboard shortcuts to troubleshoot sync issues on creative cloud

Have sync issues with Adobe Creative Cloud?  When used in combination with specific keystrokes, the View On Website context menu option for Creative Cloud Files provides special functionality that helps you resolve sync issues.  Adobe has created an infographic that explains which keys to press to get Adobe CC back in sync.

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Freebie: Pomfort – SealVerify

SealVerify gives Checksum-Based Verification of Travel Drives

SealVerify is a very nice and free companion to the newly updated Silverstack 5.2, that introduces the possibility to “seal” entire travel drives. Doesn’t that make you feel better about transporting your data? The sealing functionality extends the widely used MHL checksum technology and allows Silverstack to make a full inventory list of a drive.  SealVerify is the one-button process that ensures the completeness and consistency of media data. It’s free from Pomfort and is available for Mac or Windows.

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