After Effects Tutorial

How To Create Realistic Old VHS Footage

Sometimes you just want that old VHS look to your footage.  Getting that washed out distortion that was typical of analog tape is not as easy as it seems.  It’s hard to make it believable and it takes more than just a filter or 2.

The fine folks over at have a nice step by step tutorial on recreating that retro VHS footage look using Adobe After Effects.  It  includes adding drop out and creating the skewed distortion that is key to getting it to look just right.

View the Tutorial Here:



Download 10 Free Printable Storyboard Templates

The link for the storyboard templates were found via NoFilmSchool.  Check out their blog post for storyboarding tips and advice.  Thanks for sharing.

There are tons of digital and online storyboard apps out there. But sometimes you just need to print out your own storyboard template and sketch it by hand.  Whether you need 2-frame, 3-frame, or 6-frame storyboards, vertical or landscape, StudioBinder has you covered. StudioBinder has made ten different printable storyboard templates available for free on their site.

Download them today and start visualizing your story.


After Effects

Free: AE: Trapcode MIR Procedural Flight-Project Files

Create the illusion of flight with the procedural flight camera for Trapcode MIR, from Peder Norrby.

“This AE project file contains a procedural flight camera for Trapcode Mir. Note that these expressions are not mathematically correct, they just give an appearance of a flying camera.” – Peder Norrby

You can download the project file and learn how to work the expressions to achieve a smooth flight path in Peder’s post here.

Learn more about Trapcode MIR

After Effects Plug-ins Script

After Effects Plugin Match Names by David Torno

Download the largest collection of After Effects plugin match names in one pdf document along with a script to help contribute to the list.

Match names are names that help with cross language compatibility of scripts and are hidden from view for most users that are unfamiliar with how to obtain them.  And the most commonly asked for match names, are for plugin effects.  So David Torno over at has compiled a list (a massive list) that “contains the native stock plugins for After Effects CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, and has the third party developers broken out into their own sections.”

You can find the list of match names and learn how you can contribute to the list here: