ArtBeats New Releases and a Free Clip, Free Angie Taylor Tutorial Expert, Meyer’s Tutorial

artbeatsArtBeats newsletter is full of goodies! We have a million ArtBeats clips for sale at Toolfarm and we sell them for a bit cheaper than anywhere else. Okay, a million is a slight exaggeration, but we do have a lot! We’ll be adding new releases as they come out too, so don’t buy your ArtBeats anywhere else!

Here are some highlights from the the ArtBeats Newsletter:

ArtBeats Free ClipThis month ArtBeats has just released 4 new collections sure to inspire you. The highly anticipated Waterform collection features symbols and icons which take shape from water drops over background footage. Our latest international title, People of India, will put you in the heart of this exotic culture. In Storm Surf, you’ll see huge waves that battered the west coast of the United States in winter of 2005. New to the V-Line (footage shot on DV cameras), we’ve captured some of Britain’s magnificent stone structures in Historic British Churches.

This month’s exclusive free clip download is KS103! Note: You need to sign up with ArtBeats to get this clip. Creative After Effects

Creative After Effects 7: A Tutorial Excerpt

Freelance animator and digital filmmaker Angie Taylor’s new book Creative After Effects 7 is now available! Angie has given us an excerpt from the book; a step by step tutorial from Chapter 10 – Paint. Included are project files and the footage she used so you can follow along step by step. Be sure to get your copy of the book and take advantage of our exclusive discount offer!

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Going for a Loop

The Meyers

We prize background stock footage clips that loop. Aside from being mesmerizing, they allow us to fill as much time behind objects and text as we need without resorting to awkward edits. Fortunately, most Artbeats background clips do indeed loop. However, occasionally you may want to use a shot – such as clouds – that does not naturally loop.

Here’s a quick lesson on how to line up and crossfade footage to create a seamless loop. We’ll give instructions using Adobe After Effects; they should be easy to adapt to other non-linear editors or motion graphics applications. You should understand that not all sources can be looped gracefully, but these techniques will give you a good shot.

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