After Effects Plug-ins Tutorial

Animating Charts, Graphics, and Data in After Effects

Charts can always be a challenge to animation but can keep your corporate audience engaged when done properly. It also helps to make your point. Below, we’ve collected some fantastic tutorials, as well as a few products, to make this tedious process a much easier task.

Featured image credit: mohamed_hassan

Animate a Multi-line Chart With After Effects

Here’s a great tutorial by Najib Khayati (Noble Kreative) about how to animate charts via LesterBanks. In addition, it requires no third-party plug-ins.

Now, animating one from scratch in AE is all good and fun but if you don’t have the time or the patience, here are a few ways to speed up the process.

Data-Driven Animated Charts with JSON in After Effects – Part 1: Linking Texts

With mamoworldJSON you can link any property in After Effects to a JSON file.  This makes frequently changing your text, colors or other properties simple. Select the property you want to change, click the connect button and mamoworldJSON will create a JSON file with those properties already linked to it. Whenever you update the data in the JSON file, the project updates itself automatically.

mamoworldJSON is Free, by the way.

Download mamoworldJSON

The series below is taught by Eric D. Kirk. You’ll learn the basics of mamoworldJSON quickly.

Data-Driven Animation with JSON in After Effects – Part 1: Linking Texts

See parts 2-5 at Toolfarm

Ebberts + Zucker NodeKit Tutorial

NodeKit is a complete system designed to create, layout, connect and animate node-based flow charts, infographics, and diagrams. Very simple, flexible and intuitive. Below, a tutorial to get you started.

Ebberts + Zucker NodeKit
Ebberts + Zucker NodeKit

NodeKit is a modular 2D tool for After Effects CC2018 that makes quick work of creating complex infographics. Using a multi-action script, NodeKit can be used to create an infinite array of designs that really communicate. Its strength lies in its simplicity, flexibility, and automation. There are no odd formats necessary to input data or info, just a straight up easy interface with almost no learning curve. NodeKit can handle anything from the simple stuff to complex interactions.


  • Built-in Text Generator
  • Works with imported images
  • Dozens of connection combinations
  • Automatic line trigger retiming
  • Lines stick to assigned nodes
  • Marker-based adjustments
  • Multi-build capabilities
  • Manual post-build control
  • Super stable

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