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How to Animate with the Advanced Puppet Tool in After Effects

There are so many things you can do with the Advanced Puppet Tool in After Effects. Here are a few ideas and tutorials for you that cover several corners of the animal kingdom. The Advanced Puppet Engine was introduced in After Effects 15.1, which was released in April 2018 and an update in After Effects CC 2019 that added new tools. The legacy Puppet Engine is still there, so you can open older projects without any issues.

Here’s a video from Adobe about the new features in this update.

New Puppet Tools in Adobe After Effects CC 2019

Boone loves Video shows you how to use the Advanced and Bend puppet pins in AE CC 2019 to animate the walk cycle of cute zebra character. He does a nice job of explaining how the tools work.

New Puppet Tools for After Effects 2019 | DUIK vs Puppet Pins

Troy’s View shows you how to animate this Fortnite character using pins and DUIK. Get DUIK (It’s free!)

I also recommend that you check out another tutorial from Troy’s View: EASY Character Rigging and Animation

Puppet Pin Tool in After EffectAfter Effects Channel

After Effects Channel shows the Puppet Pin Tool in Adobe After Effects.

How to Animate Fish in After Effects

Peter Arumugam of Move Shapes shows you how to animate a colorful fish in After Effects. They use the Puppet Tool to move the fish fins and give it organic movement. He loops the tail swish and body movement with a loopOut expression, and then he attaches the fish to a path and adds a lined paper background. It’s a creative tutorial and helpful especially to those who are just diving into AE. Source files are available at Patreon.

Other Tools to help with IK and Character Rigging in After Effects

Joysticks n SlidersJoysticks n Sliders

Pose-based rigging system for After Effects with limitless applications

Joystick controllers are commonly used in 3D character rigging for facial animation. With this tool, you simply set five consecutive keyframes to represent your origin, right, left, top, and bottom extremes. With those layers selected, you can instantly create a joystick controller on the stage that will interpolate between those extremes appropriately.

Get Joysticks n Sliders

BAO Bones
BAO Bones

Ready to Rig, Captain!

The easiest way to rig and animate in After Effects! Setup and animate with IK in as little as 3 clicks.

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