After Effects Tutorial

Advanced 3D Reflections with Trapcode Particular

Kext Next has a thorough and useful After Effects tutorial about how to create 3D reflections with Trapcode Particular. In addition, below the video, copy and paste expressions he used in the tutorial.

Kext Next shared this information on the expressions he used (from his Google Drive):

Kext Next Particular Reflection Expressions (heehee, that rhymes)

Apply to position
posi = thisComp.layer("Movement")
floor = thisComp.layer("Floor")

nPosition = posi.toWorld(posi.anchorPoint);
fPosition = floor.toWorld(floor.anchorPoint);
heightDifference = nPosition[1]-fPosition[1];


Apply to orientation

moveNull = thisComp.layer("Movement");

[-moveNull.transform.orientation[0], transform.orientation[1],-moveNull.transform.orientation[2]]

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