After Effects Tutorial

Adobe Capture: Create Color Themes for Adobe Creative Cloud

If you haven’t tried Adobe Capture before, Adobe describes it like this:

Adobe Capture gives you the power to create production-ready color themes, patterns, vector-based shapes, 3D materials, type, and custom brushes—all from a single photo. Whether you are on the go or at work in the studio, you can gather inspiration from the world around you into Libraries to share and use in your favorite Adobe desktop or mobile apps.

Download the Adobe Capture app in the App Store or on Google Play. Check out the Adobe Color website too.

How to Create an Adobe Color Theme

Premium Beat shows you how to use the Adobe Capture app on your phone to capture some beautiful color themes from paintings, nature, and more.

Turn captured shapes into motion graphics

There’s an interesting tutorial in Adobe help that is text-based and it explains how to capture a handwritten signature with Adobe Capture CC and turn it into an animation in After Effects.

Check out the tutorial

Speaking of Color, Get a Free Color Plug-in from Video Copilot

Want a cool free Color plug-in for After Effects? It was originally designed to work with Shockwave stock footage items but can work with any footage.

Plug-in Features:

  • Add Hot Colorization with ease
  • Create Alpha Channels  (unmultiply)
  • Works on Pre-Matted Clips
  • Eliminate the faded colors when using mask feathering

Video Copilot Color Vibrance Plug-in for After Effects