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Adobe After Effects 8.0.2 is Here

AE BoxTodd Kopriva of Adobe posted about the latest AE update on Toolfarm Expert Forum. Todd says:

The After Effects 8.0.2 update is live, and so is the new After Effects CS3 Help on the Web. To get the update, choose Help > Updates. To see all of what has changed, see the ReadMe document.

Here’s a link to After Effects Help on the Web, in case you forgot.

And here’s a link to the page from which you can download a PDF copy of the Help document.

Beyond the additions to Help for P2 functionality, we made several hundred changes to the document for this version, most of which fall into two categories:

  • We fixed a lot of little errors and clarified explanations based on feedback in LiveDocs comments and feedback from the LiveDocs survey.
  • We added a lot of links from Help to external resources.

First, about that survey: We are doing a survey each quarter about our documentation resources. If you took the survey last quarter, please consider taking it again so that we can tell how our changes are working. This quarter’s survey has additional questions about kinds of examples and illustrations:

Take the survey

I strongly urge all of you to take this survey. As you may have noticed, After Effects documentation is being done a bit differently than it used to be, with more links to external material, more frequent updates, et cetera. We _need_ feedback about how well this is working for you so that we can decide how to go forward.

Now, about those external links: One of the things that we heard from last quarter’s survey was that After Effects documentation is incomplete (but accurate, yay!). One very fast way to fill some gaps is to point users to the example projects, tutorials, and other materials that people like you create and publish. Some of you have been adding LiveDocs comments to Help on the Web that point to these great materials. We’ve incorporated many of those links—plus a great many more—in the parts of Help where we thought that these external materials could help the user. We intend to do much more of this if you tell us that you find it valuable.

Also, there are a lot of extensions to After Effects (some free, some not) that make After Effects work better. We also point to some of those. How did we pick which ones to point to? In part, we went by what we were being told in LiveDocs comments and on forums. If you don’t see a mention of a plug-in, script, or other tool that you think is great, tell us through the LiveDocs comments in Help on the Web.

Todd also added a huge list of thank you’s. You may be on that list! I was. 😉