Premiere Pro Preset

Premiere Pro Free Presets Roundup

We’ve been rounding up some useful and fun Premiere Pro free presets from around the Internets, from VashiVisuals, Premium Beat, Motion Array, and more!

Featured image credit: Simone Mascellari @mefisto97

VashiZoom – Premiere Pro Preset Effects

CREEP / PUSH-IN / SLOW ZOOM… This preset is for the slow push-in that you see in films, achieved with a zoom lens or dolly in-camera. This package contains 10 preset zooms, 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 (each number representing the % of scale), and each with regular and smooth options.

Download VashiZoom

VHS Look Tutorial with Free Presets from Premium Beat

Get the look of an old VHS tape in Premiere Pro. This is homebrew using Lumetri Color, Channel Blur, Noise & Grain, and more.

Plus, download free presets! These can be used in any personal or commercial project.

Download the presets, View Tutorial


Camera Shake Presets for After Effects and Premiere Pro

Add authentic and realistic camera shake to your motion graphics and video. Premium Beat is giving away 15 FREE presets for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro in 4K and HD. These include 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and Zoom camera presets.

Download the presets, View Tutorial

Motion Array Glitches – Premiere Pro Free Presets

Five free glitch presets for Premiere Pro! And noise and interference to titles, transitions, and more.

Download Glitch Presets

Video Transition – Premiere Pro Free Presets

Envato has 10 free PPRO Transition presets. Scroll down the page to the section titled “Free Transitions for Premiere Pro” about 3/4 down the page. They list freebies like the Orange83 Smooth Transition Pack and the Motion Array 50 Transition Pack.

Download the freebies

After Effects Tutorial

After Effects Masking & Rotoscoping Tutorials Roundup

Masking is one of the basics that every After Effects user should know. Sure, rotoscoping a pain and it takes a while, but there are some super useful things you should know about masking to help your workflow. We’re going to talk about multiple uses of masks in After Effects, plus a few for tutorials for Premiere Pro. We’ll also talk about Mocha Pro and Silhouette FX if you need something more robust for rotoscoping.

Featured image credit: Counselling

Learn to Mask in Adobe After Effects CC

Nathaniel Dodson at goes into more of the basics of masking in After Effects. If you’re new to masking, watch this tutorial first.

5 Masking Hacks you might NOT know about

The always entertaining Jordy Vandeput has a new tutorial on some hacks for masking. He has tips for smoothing the edges, using the mask feather tool, and more.

Quick and Easy Garbage Mattes in After Effects

This is a pretty old tutorial about making easy garbage mattes. It may be old but the method still works great! It’s a major shortcut to creating animated garbage mattes.

A FASTER way to MASK in After Effects

Josh at Olufemii Tutorials has a tutorial about “segmented” masking. I highly recommend this method. Basically you’re masking the head, arms, torso, etc., separately… not in one big mask. He has some fantastic tips for masking workflow here, like putting the mask on an adjustment layer.

FRAME BLOCKING and MASKING – Editing Tutorial

I tell ya, the quality of tutorials has gone up exponentially in the past few years! The footage quality is awesome. In this tutorial, Miko Tiotangco shows you how to animate masks for transitions.

ADVANCED MASKING Techniques | After Effects

Andrew James reiterates some of the other mask tips from Josh and Jordy, like segmented masking, bisecting the timeline, and he throws a few other tips in here.

Rotoscoping & Masking Tips for AE Mocha Pro 2019

If you have a ton of rotoscoping to do, a great option is using Mocha Pro with After Effects. It will speed up your workflow in a big way! In this tutorial, Mary Poplin at Boris FX explains how to roto with Mocha. Mocha Pro is a planar tracker with Roto tools. It’s standalone software with a plug-in option for Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro

Boris Mocha Pro
Boris Mocha Pro

Mocha Pro is the ideal masking tool for effects or color correction. When linked to Mocha’s planar tracking, X-Spline & Bezier shapes inherit motion and perspective, dramatically reducing manual keyframe work.

Advanced tools for shape editing: per-point edge feathering, join layers tool, transform tool, group layers, and motion blur.

Perpetual License       Subscription

Boris FX Silhouette – Quick Start to Rotoscoping

Silhouette FX was just acquired by Boris FX last week and loads of new tutorials went up on YouTube. Silhouette is a standalone tool.


Silhouette is a complete package of visual effect tools which includes rotoscoping, paint, morph, effects and keying
Invaluable in post-production, Silhouette continues to bring the best of class tools to the visual effects industry. As a fully featured GPU accelerated compositing system, its standout features are award winning rotoscoping and non-destructive paint as well as keying, matting, warping, morphing, and a total of 142 different nodes–all stereo enabled.

Silhouette       License Rental


After Effects

Mekajiki FreeTools for After Effects #Free

Mekajiki, makers of RenderGarden for After Effects, has several helpful FreeTools that can free-up memory, make it easier to find and launch scripts, quickly extract alpha channels from luminance, and more.

Mekajiki FreeTools


Quickly extract alpha channels from luminance with this Adobe After Effects plugin. Extract light effects such as flares or fire from black backgrounds, or generate alphas for your CG occlusion.


After Effects panel for browsing and launching other scripts.


Mac OSX Command-line tool to force-quit Adobe After Effects and automatically increment and save your project.


Mac OSX Command-line tool to kill all stuck AERendercore processes which may be hogging memory.

Get the FreeTools

Mekajiki also makes RenderGarden for After Effects.

rendergardenYour renders will FLY with RenderGarden!

Increase your render speeds by 3 times on your computer and maximize your CPU cores when rendering across your network. RenderGarden is an absolute must-have script for After Effects users.

RenderGarden is an Adobe After Effects script that splits your comp into a specified number of segments (which we refer to as seeds) and then renders them to multiple background command line windows (which we call, Gardeners). Through segmenting the comp into multiple seeds, you can fully maximize your CPU cores on a single machine or across multiple machines with network rendering.

Learn More | Purchase RenderGarden

More about Mekajiki at AE Freemart

Toolfarm Introduces RenderGarden Plug-in for Dramatically Faster Rendering in Adobe After Effects

After Effects Premiere Pro Tutorial

Working with Reflections and Shadows in Mocha Pro

Today we’re featuring tutorials that allow you to work with reflections and shadows a bit easier in Mocha Pro.

Mocha Tips: Avoid Reflections & Shadows

Mary Poplin has tips for, first, avoiding reflections and shadows. Then, she has tips for tracking screens and glass and reflective objects like cars. She also covers avoiding shadows on ground planes.

Remove Reflections in Premiere Pro with Mocha Pro

Remove reflections of crew and equipment or other unwanted objects that are reflected in the glass. Mary Poplin walks you through using the remove module to take care of this problem.

Other Mocha Pro Tutorials at AE Freemart

hyperzoom™The HyperZoom™ Technique Takes Flight with Mocha Pro & After Effects – Geoff Tompkinson has created HyperZoom™, a technique that combines real-time, time-lapse, and hyper-lapse into one seamless, continuous shot. Find out how he uses Mocha Pro and AE to help create these amazing virtual timelapse flights.

Watch Hyperzoom in action with Upper Austria “An Incredible Journey,” that Tompkinson made for the Austrian Board of Tourism.

Boris FX Mocha Pro 2019

The new Mocha Pro combines the features of Mocha Pro and the Lumiere award-winning Mocha VR into one all-encompassing plug-in. Plus, they’ve added lots of new features like GPU-accelerated object removal, new spline creation tools, a mocha essentials workspace and more.

mocha 2019

Mocha Pro 2019 Highlights

Mocha Essentials Workspace: Simplifies the power of Mocha with an updated interface. For that reason, planar tracking easier to learn and faster than ever before.

GPU-Accelerated Object Removal: Delivers dramatic 4-5x times faster rendering for removing elements and clean plating.

Spline Creation Tools: Adds magnetic spline with edge snapping, freehand spline tool, ellipse, and rectangle tools. As a result, accelerated masking and rotoscoping in Mocha Pro!

Retina/High DPI monitor resolution support

2 Products, 1 Price: In addition, Mocha Pro and Mocha VR features are now combined into one all-encompassing plug-in!

Now, Mocha Pro is now officially part of the Boris FX U&S (Upgrade & Support) plan and moving to a yearly release cycle.

Learn more | Get Mocha