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20 Useful Tricks in After Effects You May Not Know About

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After Effects Tutorial

Fractal Noise and Wipes for Fade Effects in After Effects

“Daniel Brodesky shows how you can create more interesting fade effects with some simple Ae tools.

Fading to black gets used a lot in production. There are times however when you can expand on the look by creating a more interesting fade effect in After Effects.

This is where Daniel Brodesky shows a quick tip for using a black and white map as the premise for a fade effect in After Effects. This in addition to the standard wipe effects in Ae – in particular, the gradient wipe effect, can give you a more dynamic fade-to-black than simply animating opacity on a solid.

There are a few wipe effects that are fairly straight forward in Ae. The gradient wipe effect however, lays path to some creative opportunities. Because the effect works on black an white pixels, its is easy to create interesting wipes and fades based on an image, procedurally created or otherwise.

If you are using a procedurally generated black and white map, you also have the opportunity to keyframe visual changes to the base map, which in turn will give you interesting animation while the effect is doing the wipe. It is a fairly simple technique, but it does offer a lot of creative possibilities to add more polish to certain projects.

” – Lester Banks

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After Effects Featured Tutorial

How Circle Bursts Can Help Your Motion Design

“Can circle bursts transform your motion design? Let’s take a 360 degree look.

There are a lot of trends that come and go in the world of motion graphics, but one such trend that has only grown in popularity in recent years is circle bursts. Circle Bursts are cool on a lot of levels and their simplicity makes them only more desirable to both motion designers and clients.

In the following post we’ll take a closer look at circle bursts and examine a few ways that we can integrate circle bursts into our projects. Plus we’ll watch a few quick tutorials about how they’re made and discover a few free and paid places to find them. Let’s dive in:

1. RocketStock

Price: Free

Our good friends at RocketStock are giving away free circle bursts with no strings attached. Just click the download button on the circle burst blog post. While you’re there check out their freebie section full of awesome After Effects freebies. The circle bursts are pre-rendered footage that can be easily colored in After Effects using the tritone effect. The cool thing about these elements is they can all be integrated directly into After Effects.” – Caleb Ward | Premium Beat

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After Effects

Mandelbulb VR – Trapcode

“Amazing to be able to experience the mandelbulb! The video in no way shows how it feels to experience it in VR with stereo 3D and positional tracking. It’s mesmerizing. ” – Peder Norrby | Trapcode

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