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After Effects LeftOvers

With the slogan ‘Re-heating stuff you forgot you had’, Chris Zwar has created After Effects LeftOvers, a 5-part video series.

In this video series you can see 40 tips, tricks, workflow suggestions, and more really cool stuff. Down you can find the description about this ‘event’.

‘After Effects has been around for over 17 years and with the recent release of CS5 it’s now up to version 10.  Every new release brings new features and some have received more attention than others.  This 5-part series looks at a selection of features that were in After Effects before CS5 but have been often overlooked.  A total of 40 tips, tricks, workflow suggestions and general reminders are given covering topics including layout, masking, painting, rendering and even using the interface.’

There are 3 videos up, so far. So check them out and enjoy with this gift.

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Victor Hernandez

Free high resolution Rust textures has an outstanding rust texture pack aptly named Rust V.01 from Aqueous Sun. They’re huge and they’re gorgeous. The pack comes with 28 textures around about 4288px by 2848px. Most of them are yellow but you can change that quickly enough with a spin of the hue wheel. When I first discovered these images about a week ago I planning to make a sample video demonstrating what you could do with textures in our favorite program, and it evolved into a promo for the pack itself.

You can download these free textures here. And while you’re there take a look at the site’s other offerings. There’s a ton up for grabs!

John Stanowski

Ice up text in After Effects

Pick up a car with After Effects