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AENY presents Lloyd Alvarez’s After Effects Scripting Presentation

My friend Jim sent me the link to the AENY presentation this week by Lloyd Alvarez.

AENY presents Lloyd Alvarez’s After Effects Scripting Presentation from AENY on Vimeo.

This is a screen capture video from the Jan 29 , 2009 AENY meeting in NYC with Lloyd Alvarez of speaking about using Scripts in After Effects to improve your workflow. Lloyd gives some good references to sites like his own and where you can find Paul Tuersley’s Scripts .

You can also find out more information about AE scripts from these links.

You can also find out more about the AENY meetings by going to the page and signing up for the newsletter.We meet every month so sign up to get the info on who is coming in the meetings to follow.


After Effects

Petition to stimulate adoption of Blu-ray Disc publishing

My friend Matt of sent me this. I don’t think he’s talking about pirating, but about being able to get Blu-Ray support in Pro Apps and other software.

I would like to recommend anyone interested in being able to author ‘replicatable’ Blu-Ray titles to sign this petition that hopes to simplify the licensing and especially reduce the cost of AACS copy protection implementation. It’s the only way we’ll ever see Blu-Ray support ‘officially’ in Apple’s Pro Apps, or in Adobe Encore DVD.

I’m behind disk authoring because I’m a movie lover who eats up the hours of extras on special edition releases – the same documentaries that are glaringly missing from digital downloads.

After Effects

Free CS4 Update to Meyer’s Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects

creating motion graphicsCreating Motion Graphics with After Effects by Chris and Trish Meyer is pretty much the bible of After Effects. They’ve written a 48 page update to the book that covers new features in AE CS4. The book is published on Focal Press.

This update covers:

  • The new User Interface
  • Independent X, Y and Z keyframing and 3D camera updates
  • Composition Navigator and Mini-Flowchart
  • Bilateral Blur & Turbulent & Noise
  • Color management.
  • Much more…

Download CS4 Bonus Chapter | Download project files

After Effects Tutorial

New Red Giant Tutorial by Aharon Rabinowitz

Red Giant Software: Episode 06: Controling Time with Sound By Aharon Rabinowitz came out a few days ago.

In this episode, Aharon continues to explore how audio can be used to control time, but he expands on that by showing you how it can be used to change the look of the footage as well.

Watch | Download Project Files | Example Video

Products Used: Magic Bullet Looks, Trapcode Sound Keys

Try a free demo of Looks and Sound Keys here: Free trial of plug-ins.