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Tutorial: Text into Sand with ParticleMetrix

A new tutorial from Zack at He shows you how to make text turn into sand with ParticleMetrix from idustrial revolution, which uses the Noise Industries FX engine. The plugins work in After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Final Cut Express.

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Toolfarm :60 Ep.10: Removing Adobe Apps

I walk you through how to remove your Adobe apps from your computer. This is hopefully something you don’t have to do right now, but if you’re experiencing major bugginess or maybe you bought a better faster stronger computer, this information is crucial.

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Free Book Chapters for After Effects!

Check out a bit of Richard Harrington’s After Effects for Flash | Flash for After Effects for free.

Tutorial: Create Liquid Pour with FreeForm AE

Mark Christiansen shows you how to make some incredibly realistic 3D yogurt liquid pouring into a cup with a layered Photoshop document and Digieffects FreeForm AE.

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