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Toolfarm to Manage Red Giant Software Forums, Toolfarm Site Redesign

New Toolfarm Web Site Launched

red giantToolfarm, Inc., the leading third-party distributor of After Effects plug-ins and visual effects tools today announced that it is now managing the forums for Red Giant Software, including Trapcode plug-ins, and just launched a new web site.

Quick Links to Red Giant Software Forums

Users can log onto these forums to get help from the Red Giant Support Team, Toolfarm, and some of the top motion graphics artists, including: Dean Velez—awarded two Emmy’s for animation and has been nominated seven times for various graphics projects and Matt Silverman—Creative Director at Phoenix Edit, Effects, and Design in San Francisco.

Check out the Toolfarm site for other forums, including Adobe applications such as After Effects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop, and Apple Final Cut Studio, including Final Cut Pro and Motion.

The new Toolfarm web site provides a streamlined look and feel, plus offers a cleaner navigation. There is also a brand new database of tutorials at Toolfarm, which allows visitors to search by categories and see what is new or popular. The tutorial pages have been redesigned for better retention and new tutorials have been added. The free demos area has been re-programmed with stronger security features and updated with new demos. Plus, The Inspirations section is now broken into categories for easier reading. Harry Frank, of Gray Machine, has joined the Inspirations team to post the most interesting, creative and technical videos on the web.

About Toolfarm Inc., based in San Francisco since 1999, is the leading third-party reseller of After Effects Plug-ins and visual effects tools. Known also for distribution, publishing, service and training, it has become the de facto standard as the one-stop shop for Adobe After Effects Plug-ins as well as motion graphics tools. It also hosts a Plug-in Finder, an online database and search engine of all plug-ins for Adobe After Effects, Premiere, and Apple Final Cut Pro.

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Beta Test for Digital Anarchy

Posted to the AE-List by Jim Tierny, Digital Anarchy:

We’re working on some plug-ins using the Core Image stuff on the Mac and need some quick testing help.

We need folks who have:

– Mac OS 10.4 or better
– FCP 5.1 or better
– AE 6.x or better
– preferabably a Mac-Intel machine and FCP 5.1.2 (but PPC is ok)
– 2-3 hours to install and briefly look at each filter

Drop me a line at if you’re interested and let me know what version of the OS, FCP, and AE you have and what machine you’re running.

If you report back to us after you’ve tested it, you’ll get a free license of the software.

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After Effects Tip #10: Levels Quick Reference Guide

John Dickinson, one of the Toolfarm Forum Experts, has posted a Levels reference guide at his site.

Levels is a plug-in I’ve never had a problem with and my students seem to grasp it really well. Curves, however, is another animal. My students sometimes have a tough time figuring out how it works. Maybe we’ll see a reference guide for curves? Heck, maybe I will make one.

Update: John tells me that he IS working on a Curves reference guide. Thanks, John! I know that will certainly be used in my classroom.

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Lava Lamp Project

lSomeone on the Toolfarm After Effects forum asked for some tips on making a lava lamp. I made a lava lamp preset a while back and for the life of me, I just can’t seem to find it. I decided to redo it and came up with much more realistic results.

This is not a preset but a solid layer which uses Cell Pattern, Colorama and Turbulent Displace. I duplicated the layer, changed the settings a bit and used the Lighten Mode to give it some depth. I then used an adjustment layer with a lighting effect. The color and speed can easily be manipulated. This project gives out a big render hit, please note.

You will need After Effects 7 Professional because of the use of the Cycore FX effect.

Download Project File (link fixed)

View movie sample – The movie does seem a bit jittery, but it’s the compression and frame rate that I used for the web. The project files are smooth and beautiful.