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After Effects 7.0.1 Update is now available

Adobe After Effects BoxAdobe has fixed a lot of bugs, including the unable to unhide.

arrowAdobe After Effects 7.0.1 update for Mac

arrowAdobe After Effects 7.0.1 update for Windows

Also, Jonas Hummelstrands great blog, The General Specialist has an article on Avoiding the “After Effects error: could not create image buffer”.

After Effects Preset

Free Preset from Stu Maschwicz: filmBurn.ffx

filmBurn.ffx is an After Effects 7.0 Animation Preset that automatically creates the overexposed “roll-out” effect, where the tail (and the head if you want) of a clip flickers into overexposure. It’s aware of the in- and out-points of your footage layers in the After Effects timeline, so you can experiment with different effects just by trimming your layers differently.

Stu also says "This effect works really well with Magic Bullet. Just apply Look Suite to an Adjustment Layer over top of all your trimmed layers, and select the preset of your choice!"

He also has a link to his podcast.

Download and read more: filmBurn.ffx


Convert2DV – Another Cool Free Droplet from!

There have been many people trying to import various types of video files into Final Cut Pro- H.264, MPEG1, Sorenson, AVI etc. Sometimes the clips might sputter through… but often, they’ll redline and not play at all – or even crash the program, and possibly corrupt your project file.

Another droplet to the rescue! Simply drag almost any video file readable by Quicktime onto this droplet, then have a tasty beverage or read your email, and soon, depending on the length of the video file, you will find, right on your Desktop, a native DV format file.

Import the converted file into a DV timeline and it will play perfectly, no muss, no fuss. This droplet will only work on Macs with Compressor installed.

And, thanks to Guy Cochran of DVeStore, there’s also a version to convert to 16:9 (anamorphic) format.

This droplet is available FREE only to members: Download the Convert2DV droplet

If you need to convert audio only, see their audio-only droplet.

After Effects

Making text rotate around an object: Method #2

If you missed Method #1 of making text rotate around an object, it’s here. This is basically the same procedure.

I put a bit more effort into this one ;-). This method combines masking, path text and the CC Cylinder, one of the Cycore FX. The standard version of Cycore FX is included with After Effects Professional Edition. Put the text you want in front of the tree, in front and set the render settings to outside for CC Cylinder. Duplicate the layer and change the render settings to all or inside. Drag the layer behind the tree or your object.

View sample movie

Download project files (AE 7)