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17 More Useful Tricks in After Effects

ukramedia’s Sergei Prokhnevskiy shares 17 more useful tricks in After Effects that you might not know, but could really help you out.

Found via Lesterbanks.  Thanks for sharing.

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In case you missed them, parts 1-4 can be found here:

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Here’s what’s covered in part 5:

01. New Project Template
02. Freeze On Last Frame
03. Time-stretching
04. Auto Trace
05. Alpha From Lightness (Unmult)
06. Extending a Solid
07. Mask Roundness
08. Orient Along Path
09. Spatial Interpolation
10. Grow Bounds
11. Auto-Open Panels
12. Unlock Panel
13. Text Template for Premiere Pro
14. Date and Time Tokens
15. Separate Dimensions
16. Modify Property by 10x or 1/10 Default Increments
17. Marker Duration