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10 Tips For Rendering Faster In After Effects

Let’s get those renders out faster with some tips to speed up the renders out of After Effects.

1) Increase your RAM allowance

This may seem like a small change but it will make a massive difference in allowing After Effects to consume more RAM while rendering. To change this setting (in After Effects CC) go to:

Edit -> Preferences -> Memory  — and now decrease the setting for the RAM reserved for other applications to around 2 GB.

2) Reduce the amount of Pre-comps or PRE-RENDER them

You might have just finished making an amazing composition containing a lot of other pre-comps only to find when you go to render the final results the eta may take over 5 hours. There’s a simple fix either remove some pre-comps which you may be unable to do as you need them for your overall comp. So this is when you need to pre-render them.

To Pre-Render a composition means go into a pre-comp in your composition and then render that composition. After the render is finish import the pre-rendered version back into After Effects in the location where you had the pre-comp.

It may be necessary to export the pre-render using a PNG Alpha Codec – so the background will remain transparent in the layers.

 3) Trim Layers in Compositions

This ones pretty simple, a way to reduce your render times is to trim your layers to when they are actually being seen. For example if you have a 3D scene and the camera pans across the scene and then you still have layers active – cut them. These layers need to be stored in memory somewhere and you are just clogging up the system keeping them there.

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