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  • New 3D Layer Workflow coming in After Effects
    This video explains a new 3D layers workflow in upcoming versions of After Effects. Orbit, Pan, and Dolly are now right in the toolbar. There’s also a new option to “Create Camera from 3D View”. This beta came with the AE 17.1.4 (September 2020) release. If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, you can work […]
  • Infinte Zoom : Examples, Tutorials, and Plug-ins
    An infinite zoom is an effect that creates a seemingly endless camera zoom. For example, the camera can pan into a section of photos or art, someone’s eye, a water droplet, or whatever else, and it just keeps going! Examples THX Deep Note Trailer in 4K Last year Andrew Kramer directed the THX Deep Note […]
  • Roto Brush 2: The Powerful new tool in the After Effects beta
    Learn about the powerful and improved Roto Brush 2 which is currently in the current After Effects beta.
  • Flying orb with wavy trails | Master Study of Flatwhite Motion
    NoSleepCreative explains how to recreate the wavy trails effect in AE. The effects can be seen in the Meizu Aicy piece from Flatwhite Motion.
  • Fake Stop Motion Free Preset and Tutorial for After Effects
    The Waenderer has a free new preset and tutorial to create a fake stop motion effect. How does it replicate a realistic stop motion effect? This preset fakes light inconsistencies and camera instability, as well as adding moving dirt or dust. The preset comes with 2 versions and works in After Effects CC 2017 and […]
  • AEFreemart Roundup: Free Typewriter Presets for After Effects
    Today Lester Banks posted the preset from Chris Zachary. It made me think about how this is a common effect, but everyone does it a little differently. Check out our roundup of typewriter presets for Adobe After Effects. These come from the previously mentioned Chris Zachary, as well as Creative Dojo, and Motion Array. Of […]
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